Numismatic Supplies

The Coin Supply Store
Coin collecting supplies, including Dansco and Whitman coin albums, Air-Tite coin holders, Harris frosted cases and many other coin holders and boxes.


Lincoln Cent Resource
Provides information about the top Lincoln Cent Varieties including Doubled Dies, Repunched Mintmarks "RPMs", Over Mintmarks "OMMs", Large and Small Dates, Wide AM's and much more.

Coin Auctions Help

Coin Auctions Help
Coin Autions Help. "Buy Ameriican, Purchase US Coins!"

Lincoln Cent Variety Collector

Lincoln Cent Variety Collector
The purpose of Lincoln Cent Variety Collector is to provide Lincoln Cent collectors information which will add to their enjoyment collecting our nationís longest circulating coinage the Lincoln Cent.

Provides links to several different web sites for coins and numismatic items.

Coin Collecting Directory Old and Ancient Coin collecting resource and directory